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Need for Speed Heat Guide - Customization Guide - speed heat - Video Peel Mailing, Instructions, Exemplary Procedures, Reviews and Culture

Ghost Recon Wildlands - All Customization/Outfits/Gears (Full Showcase)

Do you want an introduction to customization? Here are some things to be observed.

Ghost Games can be from being _ need after speed_ franchise but their work in _ demand for speed heat_ was not half as bad. The adjustment of the game is many times better than earlier efforts and allows personalization in different ways. Upgrading a car usually takes place in three different cores - engine, chassis and addition.

Let's go through the engine first. As a rule, 7 to 10 engines are available for each vehicle, with the exception of some exceptions. In one motor, various types of forced induction may be present, whereby the total output can change depending on the setting. Then there is nitrous, which provides a nice speed boost, but to have more, a higher capacity system is required. The use of multiple small nitro bottles offers more ways to use every bottle at the cost of total performance. If you are interested in a big boost and know exactly where it is needed, install a large nitro bottle instead.

The chassis consists of the various suspensions, brakes and tires used in a vehicle, which in turn affects the entire handling. Depending on the level of a part, the general handling is influenced all the more. For example, upgrading tires offers much more grip and at the same time increases the acceleration. Various tires, suspensions and differentials can be used for races, drifts, off-road races, etc.

With auxiliary you can have an active item that is triggered by the player - such as the immediate refilling of nitro bottles or a repair kit - and a passive item that is always active. The latter involves more nitrous, which is obtained by certain movements such as drawing, causing more damage to patrol cars, etc. Imagine these as advantages that can further complement your game style or bring them out of the clamp.

How do you go to acquire new parts? Ascending is a good and reliable method, as the shops have new parts in stock every time. There are several events in which parts are distributed, though some, such. B. Events at high heat, after the conclusion of the race may have to flee in front of the police. Remember that you have to participate in nightactivities to increase your rep level - the currency, also called bench, is not enough to buy new parts.

In a separate note: If you want to set the exact sounds that come from the exhaust of your car, then _ demand for speed heat_ also offers many possibilities here. For tube resonance, sound, etc., numerous sliders are available, which can also change depending on the level of performance. It's just another extra detail to make a car better to your own.

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