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The Storm Point Designer is confident that there is a great competitive apex legends

It is no secret that Olympus, the third card, which was published in Apex Legends, just the favorite of many of the best competitive players was not the Battle Royale. With Storm Point, the fourth map of Apex, which is published with Season 11: Escape, Respawn is confident, however, that they have a competitive battlefield in his hands.

Storm Point was initially designed by Rodney Reece who has the current favorite card competition scene World s Edge created. to have been during Storm Point exceeds in terms of its size limits and a new loot mechanics in the form of wildlife imports, seem all the innovations taking into account the competitive scene made. In an interview with The PC Player 24 Reece lifts the lid on how some members of the competitive Apex community have helped to make the most striking aspect of Storm Point - its verticality.

From a competition perspective, we knew that this could be problematic, Reece admits. There were many things to solve. So we immediately made internal play tests in which we include competitive players. The most important thing we looked at the time, the negative aspects that the competitive community did not like it were.

was The most important thing that they hate vaulting, which was a very interesting thing. None of them have said that before, but they really hate to put down her gun to jump. So it is so, okay, mountaineering is acceptable; Assuming you do not jump so much.

With this feedback Reece and his team have designed the mountain so that it can be crossed without vaulting and capes, in order to satisfy competitive players. You can climb all these big hill without you like to climb, climb, climb must, and you can whip out your gun all the time, as you pass through it.

Reece says, returned to be the same player at a later game Test - where not only the vaulting changes are made, but also gravity guns and a network were added by zip lines - they were very happy to move on the map.

Storm Point is not only the highest ever Apex card, but also the largest. As we found out our interview with Reece in the first part, the size of Storm Point was the result of a successful concept that has been proven in World s Edge - spill-off camps, which are located next to major attractions. Storm Point is littered with such camps that offer players a viable alternative drop point, if you look customary drop spot particularly hot.

Does this mean we that in Apex Legends matches will see a high level much less action in the early game?

It allows this option - if the competition community decides is their decision, says Reece. If you come and see The Mill and see that five other squads land and do not want to attack, take a look around simple and you will find that it is like over there a grouping of four buildings there - just leave, you will be his plunder location, and you can decide to deal with the hot droppers then. It gives the player the opportunity to make that choice, rather than sometimes have no option.

In addition to the landscape itself Storm Point offers a new mechanism in the form of scattered on the map wildlife. Spiders, drifter and flyers can be found all in different places and will appeal if they come too close to them or be provoked players. They also prey and some points for your Evo Shield when they are defeated.

Reece confirmed that this persists for Apex Legends ranked matches PvE element, but reassured those who see it as disturbing, anti-competitive function.

Apex Legends Season 11 FULL Map Details (Storm Point)

The wildlife is not really a boss battle - it s a mechanism for loot and [competitive] players that pretty quickly understand, he says. I think they will probably already so involved that it [rewards you with] intelligent prey. So if you have an R-301, you get attachments for your R-three hundred and first And the competitive community, which I imagine is like to meet this particular choice.

In addition, the ring will never close the wildlife camps. So you will never be a nightmare scenario have, where it is the last ring, there are five teams, all waiting to come into contact with each other, and it is a Prowler location. We did not want.

It is clear that much was thought to make Storm Point a card that differs from their predecessors, but not at the expense of competitiveness. ResPawn seems confident that it is adopted by competitive players - so much that Storm Point is thrown for the first split of the rank line season 11 directly into the rotation of ranking style mode before he makes room in the second Split World s Edge. If you want to know more about Storm Point s development process and its development in future seasons, read part 1 of our interview with reece. You can also see what s going on in ranking next to the new card by watching the APEX Legends Patnotes for Season 11: Escape.


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